Giving Back


Not only does Danielle care about the people in our community, but she also cares about the wildlife.

Whitney Lab Board of Directors Event

Here is Danielle giving some love to a sea turtle at a Whitney Lab Board of Directors Event.  To Learn More about the UF Whitney Lab Sea Turtle Hospital visit us at and see why Danielle has such a heart for non-human members of our community.


Before discovering her love of Real Estate, Danielle went to school to be an Engineer.  Although it is not her chosen profession now, she still has a heart for those students who are in a place where she once was.UF New Engineering Building

If you would like to learn more about UF Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering visit us at


It is nice to know that we have people like Danielle supporting such such a wonderful place.  The Betty Griffin Center Helps hundreds of survivors of domestic and/or sexual assault thanks to generosity of people like Danielle.

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Survivor Ribbons

If you would like to learn more about how you too can support the Betty Griffin Center visit us at


There are so many so many rare diseases that need our support.  Danielle choose to support Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) and has such a passion for this cause that she is one of the IFOPA Board of Directors.  You can also see Danielle posing for a snapshot while volunteering at the Zipper Q fundraiser for FOP.

IFOPA Board of Directors

If you would like to learn more about FOP or how you can also support this cause join us at


This is a special cause for a Realtor, such as Danielle, to take an interest in.  Not only does the Matanzas Riverkeeper help to protect the health of the Matanzas River, but Friends of the Matanzas have spoken out against poorly planned developments that might harm the Matanzas River.  If Danielle can use her realtor influences to help fight against poorly planned developments, then the Matanzas River is in good hands.

Matanzas River

If you would like to learn more about the Matanzas Riverkeeper and how you can help visit us at

Danielle Fraser Image